The hot weather of recent weeks has certainly meant that many of us are able to enjoy a summer holiday even if we can’t jet off overseas. Simply spending time in your back garden can be lovely, but it can also be challenging to know how best to take care of it in this kind of heat.

An article for the Wiltshire Times recently shared some advice from Wessex Water about how you can make the most of and care for your garden without wasting water.

One of the top tips is to swap a hose pipe for a watering can when you’re giving your plants a much-needed drink. There are multiple benefits to using a can rather than a hose pipe, the first obviously being that you’ll save a lot of water given that the average hose pipe uses nine litres of water per minute.

However, if you use a watering can you can also make sure the water you’re putting on your garden directly reaches the roots of your plants, which will make them all healthier.

The news provider also pointed out that you don’t need to water your lawn. Grass is a surprisingly resilient plant and once the rain comes, it will recover.

You can also check out our top tips for mowing your lawn, including making sure that you never cut more than a third off of its height at a time.

If you’ve got children and are filling up a paddling pool for them, don’t waste the water once they have finished playing. Rather than pouring it down the drain, grab a bucket and use this to water your plants.

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