The English love their gardens, and we spent £127 million on lawnmowers in 2019, and there is even a lawnmower museum in Southport, Lancashire. For many, mowing the lawn is a genuine pleasure away from telephones and computers, providing some refuge from homeschooling and working from home.

While turf professionals on golf courses and sports pitches generally mow almost every day to keep their hallowed grounds in tip-top condition, it’s unrealistic in a domestic situation. It’s recommended to mow at least once a week, and we have some top tips to keep your lawn in the best condition, so you can enjoy it all through the summer.

Choose a mower that is appropriate for your lawn, which will make mowing a delight instead of a chore. A good comparison guide is to compare your lawn to a tennis court. A garden the size of a full-court is a medium-sized garden, half or less is a small garden.

Also, it is good to know what sort of mower is best for your lawn. If you want stripes, then go for a mower with a roller drive, a fine lawn needs a cylinder mower, and for an all-rounder, a rotary mower.

To avoid stressing the grass, never cut more than a third of the height off it.

To prevent the grass lying flat, alter the direction your mow occasionally.

Not only will a sharp mower blade do a better job and prevent damage, but your mower will use less fuel or electricity and be more efficient. Keep a spare blade to hand so it can be changed.

Avoid slipping off the edge of your lawn to prevent scalping, which encourages weed growth.

For the best results, always collect your clippings and rake the garden.

Remember to keep mowing until quite late in the season, as lawns can get too long in the late autumn.

No matter the size, shape or condition of your lawn give it the care it deserves by mowing regularly.

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