A driveway that looks great and adds value.

By choosing Scenic Landscapes to install your new driveway you will not only have a driveway that looks great and adds value to your property but more importantly, a quality driveway that is built to last. Installed by our team of experts, we use the best materials available for your design, taste and budget. We are specialists in all aspects of driveways, including tarmacadam driveways, block paving and flagging. If you have any driveway or garden queries that we may be able to assist with, please contact us for a free estimate or just to discuss a project.


Scenic Landscapes are a very well established firm that are well renowned round the Pendle area for our outstanding driveways and the many different driveway options that we can off our customers. There is a very good chance that if you live in the Pendle area, in such towns as Barrowford, Nelson, Colne, Burnley, Fence, Barnoldswick, Earby or skipton and you have had a lovely driveway laid………it has probably been laid by us.


When it comes to driveways and installing of a driveway there are many different options that you should consider and the highly experienced and skilled team at Pendle Landscapes will advise you on the best option for you dependant on your requirements.


The best driveway for you…!!


We have three different types of driveways that we generally lay for our customers and these are tarmacadam driveways, block paving and gravel drives. All three offer you something completely different in terms of aesthetics and the look of the finished job.
Tarmac driveways that are made from high quality asphalt can literally be laid in a number of hours and is ideal if you are looking towards the long term future and can be relatively cheap in comparison. To make it look a little bit more professional and give it a fancier look we can even put block paving down the sides of your tarmacadam drive.


Block paving driveways consists of concrete stones or blocks And these can come in a variety of different sizes, styles and colours giving you far more option and the finished look really does add to your property. Gravel drives are also great as it is a cheaper option but is good if you constantly have a lot of vehicles going up and down your drive.
We take great pride in every aspect of our work and ensure that it is always carried out to the highest standard by professional workmen who are skilled and experienced.