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Getting The Best From Your Garden This Autumn

The passing of the autumnal equinox, summer is officially over, and autumn is here. The shorter days and the cooler evenings do not mean that we can’t still enjoy our outdoor retreats, and we can still appreciate our gardens and patios, even when it’s darker and colder. To tackle the first problem - darker evenings - it is simple enough to create a welcoming atmosphere to your garden by integrating some outdoor lighting, which is easily available in a wide range of styles to help achieve a cosy intimate mood to your garden or patio. As well as being practical and illuminating your outdoor retreat, considered outdoor lighting will add beauty and ambience to your garden throughout the winter months, whether you’re sat in the garden, or admiring it from inside your home. Be creative with your...

Gardening Tasks To Get Done This September

September is a very important month of the year for gardeners, as how much you prepare here will determine how well your garden will survive the colder, winter months. Autumn as a whole has its share of tasks, but at the tail end of summer, certain jobs need to be done in your garden to keep it pristine.  

Make Sure Pots are Drained

If you have bulbs or plants in pots, you need to ensure that there is enough room for water to flow through the pot without leaving your soil waterlogged and harming your budding plants. Pot feet are the best and most attractive option for this, but pot raisers and even terracotta bricks will work in a pinch to keep water flowing. As well as this, make sure these and your hanging basket plants and containers are also cleared...

Top Tips For Using Less Water In Your Garden

The hot weather of recent weeks has certainly meant that many of us are able to enjoy a summer holiday even if we can’t jet off overseas. Simply spending time in your back garden can be lovely, but it can also be challenging to know how best to take care of it in this kind of heat. An article for the Wiltshire Times recently shared some advice from Wessex Water about how you can make the most of and care for your garden without wasting water. One of the top tips is to swap a hose pipe for a watering can when you’re giving your plants a much-needed drink. There are multiple benefits to using a can rather than a hose pipe, the first obviously being that you’ll save a lot of water given that the...

Feel Happier By Bringing The Outdoors Inside

We are all more aware of how having a connection with nature is vital, especially after the months of lockdown, and the way we design our home can help us think better, relax more, and improve our creativity. This is where biophilia comes in, the design philosophy of introducing the natural world to our interiors.

Whether you have a garden, a back yard, decking, or even just a balcony, adding plants to your indoor space is a fantastic way of integrating biophilia to your home. And perfect for those typically grey and rainy British summer days, when it’s just too wet to sit and enjoy the garden.

From the ancient Egyptians and Greeks to the Druids of Europe...

8 Lawn Mowing Tips

The English love their gardens, and we spent £127 million on lawnmowers in 2019, and there is even a lawnmower museum in Southport, Lancashire. For many, mowing the lawn is a genuine pleasure away from telephones and computers, providing some refuge from homeschooling and working from home.

While turf professionals on golf courses and sports pitches generally mow almost every day to keep their hallowed grounds in tip-top condition, it’s unrealistic in a domestic situation. It’s recommended to mow at least once a week, and we have some top tips to keep your lawn in the best condition, so you can enjoy it all through the summer.

Choose a mower that is appropriate for your lawn, which will...

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