Gardeners were reminded to do everything they can to protect bees in the UK with the annual Don’t Step On A Bee Day event.

Friday July 10th marked the awareness day to promote bee safety and encourage more people to support British bees in the wild, as it is thought 13 species of solitary and bumblebees have been made extinct since 1900 and 35 more now considered endangered.

While bees are valuable for their honey, beeswax and propolis, they are still incredibly vulnerable and many people, particularly those who are fearful of their stings, end up killing them unnecessarily.

As a result, Bee Good, which sells products produced by the winged creatures, launched the #DontStepOnABeeDay to raise awareness of their challenge.

It aims to remind people to be mindful of bees by not causing them harm, as well as buy British honey instead of imported goods.

“Support your local beekeeper by visiting a nearby farm shop or deli and enjoy their precious produce for breakfast on some warm buttered toast – yum!” the organisation stated.

It also recommended gardeners plant seedballs containing 100 wildflower seeds, clay, compost and chilli powder in flower beds or pots. These are designed to bloom into beautiful flowers that will attract lots of bees to the outdoor space.

You could also build a bee hotel so they have somewhere safe to go or become a Friend of the Honeybee for £20 a year, which will go towards the British Beekeepers’ Association. As part of the sponsorship, you will receive an enamel pin badge, window stick, bee-friendly seeds, a nectar gardening guide and four issues of the newsletter entitled The Pollinator.

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