As the warmer months arrive, it’s a good time to take stock of the garden and think about what you would like to get from it over the next few months before the days get noticeably shorter again, and autumn arrives once more.

The summer solstice is on 21 June every year, giving us over 17 hours between sunrise and sunset, which means there is much more sunlight on your garden, and provision must be made to take care of your plants. Here we have some tips for gardening this summer:

Take aubrietia cuttings three inches long and remove the bottom two inches of leaves, then insert in a 50/50 sharp sand and seed compost mix. Keep the box shaded and protected from cats. They should root in four weeks.

Place greenhouse ferns in a shady part of the greenhouse to avoid getting scorched leaves, if left in direct hot sunshine.

Feed greenhouse cucumbers by top dressing the compost’s surface with a little fertiliser. Water afterwards with a rose on the watering can. New white roots will appear on the surface of the compost in a few days, and when they appear, dress the surface of the compost, and this will increase the number of fruits. Repeat this weekly

Prune apple trees by cutting side shoots to half their length. The prunings will be soft and should be composted, which will induce buds for next year’s apples.

Use your fingers and thumbs to see if early potatoes are ready, don’t dig up the whole plant. A liquid feed is better to encourage more tubers.

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