We are all more aware of how having a connection with nature is vital, especially after the months of lockdown, and the way we design our home can help us think better, relax more, and improve our creativity. This is where biophilia comes in, the design philosophy of introducing the natural world to our interiors.

Whether you have a garden, a back yard, decking, or even just a balcony, adding plants to your indoor space is a fantastic way of integrating biophilia to your home. And perfect for those typically grey and rainy British summer days, when it’s just too wet to sit and enjoy the garden.

From the ancient Egyptians and Greeks to the Druids of Europe and the Shinto in Japan, many have worshipped the majesty of nature. Philosopher Erich Fromm first introduced the concept of biophilia, which is Greek for ‘love of life’, in 1964. The concept is that humans require a connection to the natural world to be happy.

We can bring biophilic design into our homes by bringing nature inside, change how our homes are arranged, and choose patterns and materials that mimic the natural world.

To find ways to start introducing nature to your home environment, begin with your views, especially if you have a view of gorgeous Lancashire landscaping. Then move on to carpeting, fabrics, and wall coverings that reflect the outdoors with simple nature-based patterns.

Maybe create a refuge, somewhere you can create a canopy, and surround yourself with the themes of nature, where you can withdraw to relax and recharge. Houseplants are the easiest ways to introduce biophilia and use a range of plants to create a little verdant area of calm.

Move your furniture to take advantage of your views of the outdoors, open the curtains wide, and let as much natural light into the room as you can.

If you are wanting to improve the view from your biophilic retreat, and need groundworks in Lancashire, contact us today!