September is a very important month of the year for gardeners, as how much you prepare here will determine how well your garden will survive the colder, winter months.

Autumn as a whole has its share of tasks, but at the tail end of summer, certain jobs need to be done in your garden to keep it pristine.


Make Sure Pots are Drained

If you have bulbs or plants in pots, you need to ensure that there is enough room for water to flow through the pot without leaving your soil waterlogged and harming your budding plants.

Pot feet are the best and most attractive option for this, but pot raisers and even terracotta bricks will work in a pinch to keep water flowing.

As well as this, make sure these and your hanging basket plants and containers are also cleared and pruned to keep them healthy.


Clear Falling Leaves

As autumn progresses leaves will fall onto your lawns, hedges and plants. These dead and decaying leaves are exceptionally bad news for your garden, as they will shield it from the weaker sunlight plants need to grow, and potentially lead to dying plants and patchy lawns.

A compost bin will be an excellent investment here, as clearing these leaves will save money on fertiliser when spring comes around.


Refresh The Lawn

Unless you have artificial turf in Lancashire, if your lawn is looking patchy, thin or a bit unhappy, September is a great time to replenish it. Whether that is by rolling new turf out or sowing seeds and garden feed.