The passing of the autumnal equinox, summer is officially over, and autumn is here. The shorter days and the cooler evenings do not mean that we can’t still enjoy our outdoor retreats, and we can still appreciate our gardens and patios, even when it’s darker and colder.

To tackle the first problem – darker evenings – it is simple enough to create a welcoming atmosphere to your garden by integrating some outdoor lighting, which is easily available in a wide range of styles to help achieve a cosy intimate mood to your garden or patio.

As well as being practical and illuminating your outdoor retreat, considered outdoor lighting will add beauty and ambience to your garden throughout the winter months, whether you’re sat in the garden, or admiring it from inside your home.

Be creative with your lighting, and look out for styles that do not appear out of place during the day when they’re not being used. There are also many solar-powered versions which mean you do not have a tangle of cables cluttering up your flowerbeds.

Depending on your choice of lighting solutions, it can sometimes appear to be harsh and artificial, but by placing lighting among the flowerbeds and plants, you will achieve a more natural look. Bamboos and grasses are ideal for creating a dancing light effect on breezy evenings.

But while you might create a warming illumination in the garden, to get more out of your outdoor space, you are going to need a heat source to ensure you are comfortably warm. There are many solutions for outdoor heating available.

The best outdoor heaters will not only provide much-needed warmth but will also enhance the appearance and atmosphere of a garden. There are several different types of patio heater, from simple electric models to gas-powered heaters, to solid fuel burning chimineas and fire pits.

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