When looking for the best gardening Lancashire has to offer for making over your back garden, be sure to let your designer just what you want your garden to include. Flower beds, lawn and patio are all pretty standard, but more and more of us are choosing to create a dedicated vegetable plot so that we can plant our own edibles.

Not only does it provide some produce of your own, it also gives you a good excuse for getting stuck into the gardening regularly.

However, one woman, reported by the BBC this week, got more stuck in than intended when she was tending to her vegetables patch over in Canada. Mary Grams, then some 71 years old, was busy in the garden when the unthinkable happened and she lost her prize diamond ring. Unable to find it, Mary decided to keep the secret from all but her son and quickly replaced the ring with a cheaper lookalike so that her husband didn’t find out.

Flash forward 13 years to the present day and you find that Mary has moved off the farm, which has now been taken over by her son and daughter-in-law. On Monday, said daughter-in-law Colleen was collecting the harvest in and while washing a particularly lumpy carrot discovered it was ‘wearing’ the ring. The carrot, it seems, had grown through it!

Though Mary’s husband had died five years earlier, she said she knows he would have had a laugh about it as he was known as a joker.

It might seem too unbelievable to be true, but it’s not the first time this has happened. A Swedish woman also found her lost ring after 16 years on a harvested carrot!