Once you’ve had your gardening in Lancashire sorted out, you’ll want to make sure it stands the test of time. There’s no point in splurging lots of money on it if you’re not going to keep it tidy, after all! No one will want to spend any time in it if it’s a mess, will they?

But there’s another excellent reason for keeping your gardens and outdoor spaces as tidy as you can – theft! New research from SunLife Direct has just revealed that there is a garden theft every 43 seconds, with something being pinched 83 times every hour!

And because the average contents in a garden these days has now reached about £2,000 it makes sense for homeowners to be as vigilant as they can and as careful as they can throughout the day.

Tips for home security include locking gates, sheds and outbuildings, putting tools and valuables away when the day draws to a close, and using items like wall and floor anchors to secure items like hot tubs, water features and trampolines.

General insurance director Simon Stanney said: “While all these measures can do a great deal to deter thieves, they cannot keep your items completely safe, so you should make sure you have good cover in place. Most home insurance policies offer the option of garden cover and many offer it as standard; it will protect you again loss or damage to plants, trees and the contents of your garden.”

Cat theft is also on the increase, according to further research from Direct Line. Last year, 261 cats were reported as stolen, a hike of 40 per cent on 2014… so make sure your cat is at home at night as well before you lock everything up!