It can be hard pursuing an interest in gardening if you live in a big city. Space can be hard to come by and, even if you do get Lancashire landscaping experts in to help you transform what outdoor areas you do have, chances are that you still feel as though you could do with more big green spaces at home.

One of the hottest trends to have emerged for city dwellers in recent times has to be the rooftop garden, the perfect way to indulge your green thumbs even if you don’t have that much room at home.

In London, for example, there are all sorts rooftop farms that are now springing up that could prove to be just the inspiration you’re looking for where your own gardening is concerned. According to a Daily Telegraph report, The Rosewood London – at the five-star Rosewood Hotel in Holborn – is one shining example of these.

The Rosewood is home to Bee London, which works alongside the Wildlife Trust to deliver green projects to Midtown to help boost urban sustainability and improve air quality. There’s also another rooftop garden on top of Le Cordon Bleu cookery school and a third on the terrace of an office block in the capital… all of which is excellent food for thought!

When setting up your own, make sure that it’s safe by installing fencing and making sure all equipment is tied down properly. You’ll also need to work out what kind of weight load your roof can hold so you don’t cause any structural damage!