When you enlist the help of the best providers of gardening Lancashire has to offer, you no doubt want a beautiful and weed-free garden at the end of the process. However, TV garden expert Monty Don has called for gardeners to save one particular kind of weed for a very important reason.

According to The Telegraph, Monty wrote for BBC Gardener’s World magazine that gardeners should allow a little ‘disorder’ in the garden and allow the likes of dandelions to find root in order to provide better food for the country’s ailing bee population.

He goes on to explain that those keen to help the now desperate plight of the bees should looked to native species, which local bees prefer to more exotic blooms. ““It used to be thought that it didn’t matter where a plant came from,” he said. “However, evidence so far is showing that they have a strong preference for native, even local, species including gorse, willow, hawthorn, oak and dandelion.”

Britain currently has 250 species of bees, however, two have already gone extinct since the start of the century down to increased use of pesticide and the loss of grassland with flowering plants in the last 100 years.

Monty suggest that gardens should be a rich source of food for all varieties of bees. He also suggests planting flowering shrubs, small hedges and trees to provide shelter for them against the elements if the weather changes erratically.

The question is, can you give some room to a few weeds in your garden?