When you’re planning landscaping for your Lancashire garden, you should think about how it will look throughout the year, not just spring and summer when you may spend the most time outdoors. Pro Landscaper Magazine asked the Society for Garden Designers for their top tips to keep your garden autumn-ready.

There are many plants that thrive in the autumn months and are even at their best at this time. Ornamental grasses are great additions to your garden at this time of year and can create sculptural shapes, texture and add fullness to borders. Some great varieties of grasses to opt for are Pennisetum, Miscanthus and Calamagrostis as well as Stipa lessigiana, which is a much smaller growing variety, perfect for using at the edge of planting displays and pathways.

Although there aren’t as many flowering types of plant that bloom in autumn, there are still some good ones to choose from that do well, such as Cameila Sasanqua Early Pearly, Alvia Microphylla, Anemone, Sedums and Asters, all of which are great for adding into pots and borders when you feel your garden needs livening up with a little colour, once summer varieties start to die away.

You can also add some pops of colour to your garden by planting shrubs which produce berries and will stay full of colour over the winter months. Varieties to consider include Viburnum opulus, Pyracantha and Saphir Rouge.

If you really want to become a place you can enjoy as the evenings get darker quicker, than invest in some well thought out lighting in your garden. This can create an amazing atmosphere by creating shadows and highlighting particular areas of interest and use.