You might well think that gardening and technology don’t really go hand in hand but since we’ve got lots of tech at our disposal, why not use it to your advantage as and when you can? Here are a few apps that could prove useful for those keen to improve the landscaping at their Lancashire home this year.

iScape: Landscape Designs

This will help you design your outdoor living spaces, allowing you to see what everything would look like well before you have to splash any cash on it.


There’s nothing quite like having your own kitchen garden but it can be hard to know where to start – which is where Gardroid comes into its own. It provides you with tips for taking care of plants, progress tracking, info on sowing depth and row distance, suitable sowing and harvesting periods and more.

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

This allows you to set different alarms so you know all your plants are being properly taken care of. The bigger your garden, the harder it will be to keep track of what’s been watered and what hasn’t, but this little alarm system will really help you out in this regard.

Garden Compass

This care calendar will help you out with all sorts of expert tips, no matter what problem you’ve encountered while outside. Monthly reminders for your garden can be set, there’s info on pest infestations and help with plant identification, among many other features.

Garden Tags

Find planting inspiration, advice, garden management and identification in one easy place with this app, as well as being able to chat to the community – which has more than 100,000 members these days.