There’s no denying that the weather has taken a chillier turn of late, and now that we’re into meteorological autumn it’s the ideal time to start thinking about how you can prepare your garden for the coming winter and make sure it continues to look stunning as we move into autumn.

Writing for Lincolnshire Live, Dawn Hinsley offered a number of tips on things you can do in your outdoor space in the coming weeks. Top of the list is to continue deadheading because this will ensure your plants continue flowering well into September.

This is also when you want to dig up any delicate plants that won’t survive the winter outdoors. Some bulbs will struggle to regrow after a British winter, so it’s best to dig them up now, dry them out and store them properly.

Ms Hinsley recommends a shoe box filled with sawdust, which will keep them dry. She also points out that they need to be stored somewhere “cold but not freezing”.

Another job to tackle at this time of year is a spot of garden maintenance. Painting any areas of fence, or your shed, with wood paint to ensure they will withstand the winter weather is a much more pleasant task at this time of year.

If your fences aren’t in top condition, it could be worth investing in new fencing in Lancashire to ensure they’re ready for whatever the weather throws at us over the coming months.

Although we’re coming into autumn, now is still a great time to get into gardening if you’ve never done much before. Last month, research by the National Garden Scheme found that this activity was good for people’s mental health.