If you’re a keen gardener then you probably enjoy the wildlife that visits your outdoor space just as much as the flowers and plants that you grow in your beds.

With that in mind, one organisation is urging homeowners to think carefully about their choice of gardening tools, particularly when it comes to lawn mowers.

According to Peta UK, robot lawn mowers, which move around the garden without the direction of a person, are growing in popularity in the UK but this can be bad news for wildlife.

Some of the newer models are so quiet that animals don’t hear them coming and are unable to get out of the way in time. One creature that’s particularly vulnerable to these machines is the hedgehog, because their natural defence is to curl up and spread their spikes.

As a result, Peta is asking people to think carefully about whether a robot lawn mower is the best option, and if you are going to use one then to check the garden for wildlife before you set it loose.

Earlier this year, the Guardian highlighted why having hedgehogs in your garden is a good thing. The newspaper noted that they eat a lot of insects, in particular slugs, which are often a pest that gardeners could do without.

Hedgehog expert Hugh Warwick told the news provider that you need to provide food, water and shelter if you want to encourage these native creatures into your garden.

“Pretty much all of those can be achieved with a good compost heap. If that’s not practical then think how you can mimic a hedgehog’s ideal home which is – have a look at the name again – yes, a hedge,” he stated.

If you’re organising landscaping in Lancashire, you might want to consider how you can add hedgehog-friendly features to your garden.