Although technology has made many people around the world very inwardly focused in recent years, it appears there is a change taking place.

The 2019 Garden Trends Report published recently by Garden Media Group has revealed that more people are turning to nature to find “peace and purpose”, the organisation’s creative director Katie Dubow explained.

“While we’ve been obsessed with technology and absorbed with self-care, the planet has been gasping for air. But there is hope. A shift is on the horizon,” she stated.

Our love of nature is what’s drawing people outside again, with Ms Dubow describing gardening as a natural fit to help people reconnect with the world around them.

And there’s research to suggest that more people are taking up gardening, with one in five new gardeners millennials.

The report identified eight key trends to watch in the year ahead, with Greenhouse Grower sharing some additional detail on each. Among them are the rise of robo gardening – using technology to assist with gardening tasks – and garden planting based around the phases of the moon.

People are also becoming more aware of the plight of insects in our green spaces, with gardeners increasingly looking for ways to help pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Planting native and pollinator-friendly plants is one recommendation, as is creating a pond or compost heap to provide a habitat for these insects.

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