Gardeners in the UK are having to think about more than just the type of soil and light levels they have in their garden when they’re choosing plants now – they also need to consider climate change.

A recent article for the Guardian pointed out that milder weather around the UK has helped some people grow plants that wouldn’t typically be associated with the British climate.

However, the news provider cautioned gardeners that despite milder conditions, there can still be spells of extreme cold weather and these can damage or kill plants that aren’t designed for the cold.

Marie and Tony Newton told the newspaper that they’ve noticed a change in their garden in the Midlands, noting that September is now considered a summer month, while the milder winters mean that they have a “riot of lovely flowers from December right through till spring”.

However, Mr Newton noted that if you’re looking at more exotic plants for your garden you need to bear in mind that a cold spell can be deadly. “Although it’s warming up you’ve got to plan for the extremes. We’re still going to get very severe winters and it will wipe out many gardeners’ new species,” he commented.

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Among the top garden trends for this year are wildflower meadows, of any size, as well as more wildlife friendly gardens and more plants boasting bright and bold coloured blooms.