Gardens can often become neglected during the winter months, with many homeowners barely setting foot in front or back lawns when it is frosty outside.

However, it is definitely worth taking a look at your outdoor space every so often, as you might have some rather messy visitors that you did not know about.

If your garden is overrun with cat faeces, here are some tips on how to prevent your backyard being used as a toilet.


– Block entrances

Making it hard for felines to get into the garden will be a big deterrent, so why not put obstacles at the obvious doorways?

The experts from told Halifax Courier that “well-placed cones or branches at potential garden entrances” could put off many cats. Remember these animals are very good climbers, and often jump over fences to get into neighbours’ gardens, so place these obstacles at any point they can gain access.


– Put them off with scent

It is not just dogs that have sensitive noses, and cats can also be put off places if there is an unfamiliar or unpleasant smell.

This does not mean you need to put horrible, stinky items in your backyard though, as their noses can find many scents uncomfortable. For instance, the plant delivery company told the news provider that citrus peel or coffee granules are generally disliked by felines, so it could be worth scattering these where they usually like to visit.


– Scatter human hair

This might sound like an old wives tale, but apparently, cats also do not like the smell of human hair. Therefore, if you have a recurring problem of cat poo in your garden, why not get hair from your brush and lay bunches around the garden’s edge? It might just work!

After resolving this problem of unwelcome visitors, it could be time to give gardening experts in Lancashire a call to get your outdoor space in top condition for spring.