We’re increasingly realising how important having some green space is and even if you only have a small yard, there are still inventive ways for you to grow a range of plants and make it a more pleasant place to be.

BT Lifestyle recently offered advice for anyone who’s planning to set up their own vertical garden, helping to utilise often neglected spaces.

Of course, establishing plants in a vertical garden is a bit different to standard gardening, so you may want to get some help with your gardening in Lancashire to start with and ensure that the plants you choose are suitable for a vertical garden.

If you’re going to start relatively small, you need to use plants that have shallow root systems so that they’ll grow happily in the shallow planters typically used when you’re growing up a wall.

However, if you want to have a larger vertical garden then it’s vital to consider how you’re going to maintain it. You need to ensure you have a plan for watering, weeding and feeding your plants, otherwise you’ll run into difficulties.

The advantage of going for a larger vertical garden, according to the news provider, is that you have the option of growing some more rich foliage plants, rather than being restricted to flowers and herbs.

You should also layer your plants accordingly, with those that prefer shade at the bottom and those that love the sun closer to the top.

Alan Titchmarsh recently told the Express that at this time of the year gardeners need to spend more time watering their plants to help them get through summer, adding that cutting the dead heads off your bedding plants can help them last for longer in these warm weeks.