If you want the perfect summer garden, then you might be interested in the best decking Lancashire has to offer as part of the final picture. However, with odd spells of extreme heat expected this summer in the UK, keeping your garden looking its best might be a tall order. Ham & High Property has offered up some expert tops tips for maintaining the perfect garden all summer long.

With plants growing quickest and thriving in the summer months, the intense heat can cause potted plants and hanging baskets to dry out much quicker than you’d think. Consider moving pots to more shady parts of your patio and if hanging baskets are struggling too perhaps reposition these to an area with less direct sunlight, as this will help to avoid rapid evaporation.

If you have a greenhouse, summer house or conservatory sun room that house plants, make sure during the peak daytime sunlight you let in as much ventilation and fresh air as possible. Plants in too high temperatures will be affected and potentially killed off. Coming as standard with some greenhouses are window panels that are removable to create greater ventilation, so make use of them if you can. Also remember to save any watering for the evenings when the sun is down and temperature is cooler, as you don’t want to burn your plants.

In the hot weather, once pea-green lawns can quickly turn straw brown, but fear not as this is quite common. Grass will recover to its former glory when the weather becomes cooler, so don’t panic too much and waste too much water trying to revive it.

Summer also brings with ii problems pests that can attack your plants and crops. Vegetable patches can become popular spots for slugs, green fly and black fly which thrive in warm dry periods. Try your best to keep them to a minimum you’ll find a great range of pesticides at your local gardening store.