If you live in a city and are somewhat restricted when it comes to space, why don’t you think about setting yourself up with a beautiful vertical garden so you can still enjoy the great outdoors even if you don’t have much in the way of room outside.

There are lots of ideas you can try, whether you want your garden in or outside. For example, you could erect a wood and wire trellis to hang plant pots from – or even old gardening wellies in bright colours to really make your garden pop.

Another key trend we’ve seen in recent months is glass terrariums that can be hung indoors. We wouldn’t recommend this for an outside garden space, since the orbs are could well break in bad weather and it can be hard making sure glass looks nice when it’s outside all the time.

And we’ve also just come across this really cool product from Mexican workshop Verdevertical, which specialises in vertical gardens. It’s called Plug & Plant and isn’t available just yet, although you can sign up to be on the waiting list so you’ll receive a notification when it does come to market.

Basically, the design idea sees palettes used that click together to create a vertical garden for decorative, culinary or medicinal purposes. The system will let you know when it needs watering and you can even manage your plants by using your smartphone.

It couldn’t be easier to start cultivating a green thumb and the fact that you’ll be doing so with a vertical garden will only spur you on to try bigger and better ideas in the future.

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