One of the most iconic – and most loved – birds to be found in the UK has to be the robin. They’re a familiar sight throughout the year but are always extra special when they appear at Christmas time – although you might well have started spotting them more frequently in your own garden no matter what season it is.

The 38th RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch has just revealed that the number of robins spotted visiting gardens around the UK has reached its highest level for more than 20 years, while other migrant birds like waxwings have also been on the rise.

Similarly, blackbird sightings are also climbing, spotted in over 93 per cent of gardens in the country, making it the UK’s most widespread garden bird. Other migrant birds that have been seen in recent months include fieldfares, redwings and bramblings, while birds on the decline include blue tits, great tits and coal tits.

“Our gardens can become an invaluable resource for birds – throughout the year birds need food, water and a safe place to shelter. If we all provide these things in our outdoor spaces it will be a huge help to our garden birds, perhaps even playing a role in reversing some declines,” RSPB wildlife adviser Claire Thomas said.

Interestingly, where robins are concerned they’re often said to by symbolic of visits from the dead and it’s not uncommon for people to report sightings of these cheerful red-breasted birds at certain times. Read this article in the Daily Mirror, for example, where different people tell their tales of robin visitors, such as Marie Robinson who lost her four-year-old son and had a robin land on her arm while visiting his grave.

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