One of the worst parts about gardening absolutely has to be the weeding. There are so many other more fun jobs to be doing that it’s no wonder people often put it off until they absolutely have to clear the weeds.

But what if we told you that, thanks to the smart tech revolution, you could now buy yourself a robot buddy who could do all that pesky weeding for you? The masterminds over at Franklin Robotics are just about to bring Tertill to market, a weeding robot that’s solar powered (so requires no charging), is able to remove weeds without chemicals and is designed to remain outside, no matter what the weather does.

Once the battery is charged, the little robot heads out into the garden to patrol for weeds. It has sensors on it that will turn it away from plants and obstacles, with a string trimmer included to cut down short plants.

You will need to protect your seedlings so that they don’t get on the wrong side of Tertill, but you’ll also be supplied with plant collars to help you do this.

So that’s Tertill, but what other robots could you invest in to help you with your groundworks in Lancashire? There’s also Farmbot Genesis, an open-source robot that will allow you to grow your own veggies without having to put in the hard graft. It can plant your seeds for you, water them individually and even weed your vegetable patch. Amazing!

Of course, half the fun of gardening is doing the hard work but if you’re pressed for time and still want to enjoy your outdoor spaces, a few robots here or there couldn’t hurt.