The rotten May weather in Lancashire will be a huge disappointment to many people hoping to enjoy some outdoor time in late spring, with gardeners high up on that list.

Not only will the rain reduce the time people can spend enjoying the spring flowers, but it will also hold people back from carrying out the work they planned ahead of summer.

However, for some the rain will have been more than just a nuisance. Many people have gardens that are particularly vulnerable to being waterlogged, something that may be much in evidence now.

A range of possible causes exist and bringing in experts to carry out groundworks may be the most effective way of tackling the problems.

For example, topography may be an issue. An obvious peril is being close to a watercourse like a river or stream, in which case it may be more than your garden under threat. But often being at the foot of a slope will be the reason. You might also face the issue of an underground stream, while having a lot of clay in your soil will stop the water soaking in.

There are several solutions that can be applied. For example, a French drain can be laid. This is essentially an underground pipe laid in an area prone to flooding that can provide an escape route for water.

Another is to have a grassy swale, or contour bund. This is simply a lower level of ground onto which water can drain. Having this alongside your lawn, for example, can stop it getting waterlogged.

A more radical alternative to these two solution is to build a drainage ditch into which water can flow. If it is semi-permanently wet you might even want to make it into some kind of water feature, especially if it attracts pondlife such as mating amphibians in spring.

This kind of groundwork can also be complemented by measures such as installing a water butt to ensure rainwater run-off from your gutters ends up in a barrel ready for use in a dry spell, rather than flowing onto your garden.

With the right work, your garden will be transformed from a temporary swamp to the verdant little oasis you always wanted it t be.