Summer is a great time to be enjoying the garden, but it is also when many look at it and think about what they would like to do with it next.

For some, that may mean a rockery, for others a new lawn. Some might prefer a pond and others a new rose garden. Whatever you choose, when it comes to gardening in Lancashire, we can help.

The last of these ideas might just come with royal approval. In April, the Duke of Edinburgh passed away less than two months short of his 100th birthday. But although he did not quite live to receive a telegram from his wife, she has been able to mark the date with a newly-bred rose named after him.

Known as the Duke of Edinburgh Rose, it has been bred by the Royal Horticultural Society, which presented it to the monarch last week. It has now been planted in the gardens of Windsor Castle.

The rose itself is a deep pink colour, with white lines and double flowered. The Queen said it was “lovely” and a “very kind” tribute.

Since the Queen is also the Duchess of Lancaster, residents of the historic county palatine may find this particular breed becomes a popular fixture in gardens across the county in years to come.

Of course, your own taste in roses may be different. It could be the traditional Lancastrian red, it could be yellow, orange, purple, pink or even green. Needless to say, anyone wanting a garden with white roses might be advised to move across the Pennines.

There are, of course, many different designs of rose garden you could choose from, which is just as well since most people have nothing like the space to be found at Windsor Castle. But that is where, with some excellent help from skilled gardeners, you can find a way of developing your garden into a right royal marvel.