The brighter, sunnier, and warmer weather is with us, and being able to entertain friends in our gardens again means that it’s time to take a long look at your outdoor space and consider some renovations.

An attractive alfresco area has to be at the top of your list for new garden additions, but what are your options? Should you opt for decking or a patio for your garden so you can host a BBQ for your nearest and dearest?

Both options cost many advantages, but with a little research and some tips, you can work out whether decking or a patio is right for you.


With garden projects, it’s not just the cost of materials and labour to consider, you need to think about longevity too.

With that in mind, then mid-range patios are a more cost-effective option than decking. The upfront costs of a good patio might be more expensive than decking, but they are also far longer lasting.


Once you’ve worked out which option is better for your budget, you can think about the more practical aspects, in particular, which requires the least work?

Decking is less time consuming, particularly as it can be built on ground that is hilly and uneven. However, decking is more prone to weathering and discolouration and needs to be power washed and sealed regularly to maintain its condition.

While building a patio might take a little more time, especially if the ground needs to be levelled out first, the extra effort can be worth it, and there is less maintenance needed to keep it looking pristine.


It’s all well and good mulling over the prices and practicalities of patio and decking, but which one looksbetter? This boils down to personal preference, with some people preferring the look and feel of timber, while others may prefer the smooth sophistication of granite paving.

Whatever you decide on, if you’re looking for patios or decking in Lancashire, talk to us today.