If you’re thinking of revamping your garden this spring and want to make it look completely different, you could do a lot worse than adding a pond to your garden.

Country Living reported on a new campaign launched by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and Wildlife Trust, which is hoping to inspire more Brits to bring back their garden ponds.

The publication noted that having outside water in the form of a pond is great for wildlife, as well as being a nice feature for your landscaping.

Frogs, newts, toads and other amphibians can all live and breed in your pond, which can be great fun as we move into spring and you start to see their spawn appearing. Garden ponds also provide spots where hedgehogs can have a drink.

If you’re not up for digging your own pond but want to have this feature in your outdoor space, get some help with groundworks in Lancashire to make it a reality.

You don’t need loads of space to create a pond either. Senior horticultural advisor at the RHS Helen Bostock commented: “Even cheap container ponds made from upcycled materials will quickly be colonised by a whole host of creatures and help form a living chain of aquatic habitats across the neighbourhood.”

These so-called pocket ponds can be made from items like old washing up bowls. The key is to make sure animals can get in and out, and to plant around them to make them a feature.

Country Living also recently shared some of the top gardening trends for this year, as identified by Wyevale Gardening Centre. Among them is the idea of giving back to the garden, which means taking a sustainable approach to your outdoor space and providing food and shelter for wildlife.