The arrival of longer, brighter days and a spell – however short – of sunny weather has lulled most of us into the false belief that spring is on its way. However, winter is very much sticking around for a while longer, with some areas of the UK set to face yet more snow.

Heavy downpours have been experienced in many places this week, despite the Met Office recording the highest February temperature just a few days ago.

On February 25th, mercury levels reached 20.6C in Trawsgoed, Wales, beating the previous high of 19.7C in Greenwich, London, on February 13th 1998.

However, our early spring was not to last, as Britain suffered from the impact of Storm Freya just a few days later. Severe yellow weather warnings were issued across the UK, as strong winds battered much of the country, bringing gales of up to 76mph.

The country is still suffering from wintry weather, as the Met Office has predicted unsettled weather over the weekend, including heavy rain, gales and even snow.

A low-pressure system from the Atlantic will bring a brand of cold air, making temperatures feel as low as -5C and bringing flurries of snow.

Becky Mitchell from the Met Office was reported by the Express as saying: “Snow looks to be mainly on Sunday. At the moment, it looks like snow at the lower levels will be across the northern parts of the UK.”

Those who are keen on getting their gardens sorted for the spring need not fret, as they can focus on arranging new patios in Lancashire to be fitted first before busying themselves planting flowers in time for the sunny weather.