Everyone knows how unsightly weeds can be to a garden, but not many are aware how detrimental they could be to the flowers and bushes you want to grow.

After a long winter, most of us have not paid our outdoor spaces as much attention as we should have, and many gardens are in desperate need of a good weeding.

This will not only make them appear neater and less unkempt, but according to Thames Water, it could encourage the growth of your other flora as well.

An article in the Daily Mail read: “They’re also a nuisance when it comes to reducing water wastage.”

“Weeds have a tendency to grow quickly, and they fight with the plants for any available moisture. If you have them in your garden, they’re likely causing you to use more water trying to keep your garden thriving,” it stated.

Now is the time to pick up a trowel and get digging or, if you are short on time, make sure you call in professionals to help with your gardening in Lancashire instead.

As well as digging out your weeds, one way to discourage them from growing is to scatter a layer of mulch on the top of flowerbeds. This will slow down the growth of weeds, while it also retains water to help feed the plants you do want to thrive.

Another tip from Housekeeping.org is to fit a layer of black plastic underneath the topsoil, which will prevent weeds from the lawn growing in the flowerbeds.