Who doesn’t want a bit of luxury at home? If you’ve got a relatively big garden, it might be a nice idea to consider creating your own little spa, which actually isn’t as hard as you might have thought… or as expensive!

Take a look at your outdoor space and see if you’ve got anywhere that could serve as a suntrap. You’ll want to create a little shelter so you’ve got some privacy, which can be done using walls or fencing. If you opt for fencing or trellises, you could easily bring in creeping plants and climbers to make a living wall that’s beautiful to look at while providing you with all the privacy you need.

Once you’ve worked out where you want your garden spa to be, you’ll probably want to have a built-in hot tub, which would certainly be the height of luxury indeed. Alternatively, you could simply invest in a freestanding one that could be moved around if required.

A decking area should also be included, which could be built around your hot tub. Bring in some classic outdoor seating (with waterproof covers, since we live in the UK after all) and even a fire pit for warm summer evenings and a spot of al fresco dining.

As for plants, ferns, succulents and cacti would all look lovely and would be a little different. Another option would be to bring in Japanese plants and shrubs, which come in all sorts of wonderful colours that would really help to bring your garden alive.

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