Now that spring has sprung, of course you all want to head out into your gardens to have a spruce up – but if you do, just make sure you check for hedgehogs before you get out the garden strimmers.

According to a Daily Telegraph report, hedgehogs around the UK are at great risk of injury because of garden tools as people take advantage of the warmer spring weather to do a bit of gardening.

In fact, St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Haddenham in Buckinghamshire has just treated three little hedgehogs that were injured by a strimmer, with two of them sustaining head injuries and a third discovered with a big cut.

A spokesman from the hospital told the news source? Now the weather is getting better we are seeing an increase in animals being accidentally injured when people are gardening. Please do carefully check before cutting long grass and plants as hedgehogs and other small animals will likely be hiding there.”

If you want to help support hedgehogs, numbers of which are now dwindling year on year, why don’t you consider adopting one? Wildlife trusts around the UK run schemes where for £25 or thereabouts you can you can sponsor a hog and receive activity books, fluffy toys, fact sheets, an adoption certificate and more.

According to the Wildlife Trust, the last ten years hedgehog numbers have dropped by 30 per cent and it’s thought that there fewer than a million left here in the UK – so maybe it’s time to do your part to see if we can bring them back from the brink.

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