Gardening was long seen as a hobby for those who had retired. However, now it appears that the younger generation are embracing their outdoor spaces and doing more to make them places they can enjoy in their downtime.

US paper the Reading Eagle revealed that many working in the gardening sector have noticed a shift in the demographic of people buying plants, and looking for assistance with their outdoor spaces.

Linda McLeod-Connelly, co-owner of Connelly Lawn and Garden, told the news provider that she has seen the age range of her customers shift dramatically. More young people are now seeking help with the maintenance of their gardens.

Ms McLeod-Connelly believes this is partly because they’re working longer hours than older generations, and therefore have less time to carry out chores like mowing the lawn or pruning hedges.

Another area where millennials have changed gardening is in terms of what they’re planting. Culinary gardens have seen a big spike in popularity, with young people increasingly wanting to grow their own herbs, vegetables and fruits if possible.

This generation is also more likely to buy organic gardening products than any other age group, the newspaper revealed.

Other gardening trends that are set to be big in the UK this year, according to Country Living, include wildflower areas, brightly coloured plants and log walls.

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