There may be a greater demand for decking in Lancashire in 2018, so if you are planning to include an attractive new deck space to your garden  in the coming months, start researching now to get the best deal.

Builder Online revealed that Metrostudy data shows there will be a 4.6 per cent increase in the number of deck installations in 2018 compared to 2017.

This is because decking technology is advancing, so many households are investing in new decking either to set up an entirely new deck, or to replace one that is not going to weather the British climate as well as a newer material.

Advances in wood-plastic composite decking last longer than traditional wood decks and Remodelling’s Sean Wallisch believes these are the products that will convince more people to invest.

As well as surviving the changeable weather in the UK, new decking technologies are far easier to fit at home yourself, as they have designed to be easy to install.

While your decking can weather the elements, your garden can also help protect your home from them.

The DailyProcess reported recently that savvy horticulture could boost the energy efficiency of your property. Choosing plants that will shade and insulate your property will benefit your home in both cool and warm weather.

Indeed, landscaping to protect a home from wind exposure can improve energy bills by up to 25 per cent, including choosing shrubs around the house to block cracks leading to draughts. Trees are also excellent wind barriers.