Gardens are special peaceful spaces with restorative qualities that can work wonders when we are stressed and under pressure, and in these unprecedented times, we are all feeling some level of stress and need a lift.

Stress is a worldwide problem that can cause physical problems such as higher blood pressure, muscle tension and digestive problems, while long-term stress can lead to serious health issues including depression and anxiety, and as championed by Dame Helen Mirren, gardening might just be what we need.

There’s growing evidence that gardening can benefit our mental health, an important consideration at a time when the NHS is stretched and one in four adults are experiencing mental illness. researchers in Sweden discovered that people who spent more time in their gardens suffered fewer incidents of stress.

A report in the Mental Health Journal cited gardening as being able to reduce stress and improve mood, with a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety.

While gardens can be relaxing, they are places where we can see the results of our efforts, giving us a real sense of achievement, which gives a huge boost to our confidence and self-esteem. There’s also strong evidence that simply being in a green space has a positive effect on our mental health, helping us to relax and de-stress.

Gardening has so much potential for people with mental health needs, and with such an enormous range of activities and options, more than any other type of therapeutic activity.

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