Now that you’re spending more time at home due to the lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, you might want to use the time to get your garden ready for the summer.

If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear after the winter and you can see weeds popping up all over the place there are a few things you can do to get the situation under control. The Express recently shared some top tips for removing the weeds from your lawn.

One of the best places to begin is by using a specialist weed removal tool to pull out as many of the weeds in your lawn as possible. Make sure that you pull the roots out as well as the part of the plant you can see.

They’re also a great option if you’d rather avoid using any kind of chemical treatment in your garden. Plus, if you have spare time to spend in the garden, removing the weeds from your lawn can be a nice way to kill an hour or two.

If you have a lot of weeds in your garden, as well as moss growing on your lawn, you may need to resort to a weed killer. If there are weeds all over your garden the newspaper recommended using a triple action lawn treatment, because this will “target broadleaved weeds in your lawn without damaging the surrounding grass”.

These kinds of treatments also kill moss and even feed the lawn, the news provider added.

Of course, you might look at your lawn after a wet winter and think that it’s beyond repair. In which case, you could book turfing in Lancashire for later in the summer when the lockdown restrictions have been relaxed.

Last year, the Metro revealed that it’s worth looking after our lawns, because grass is one of the most valuable plants on the planet. David Hedges-Gower, a lawn expert and adviser to the RHS and National Trust, told the newspaper that it’s undervalued despite being so valuable.

“It covers 25 per cent of the planet and actually absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees,” he asserted.