If you cannot wait to add some life to your garden, you can start sowing seeds now to get some more colour to your flower beds. Here are some suggestions on what crops to plant in February.



While you may still need to wait a little longer for spring flowers to withstand the frost – especially with the cold snap we’ve been having lately – you can get your green fingers going by planting some herbs.

Basil, oregano, sage and thyme are fantastic to grow, adding delicate fragrances to your garden. You can also try sowing chilli seeds if you like a bit of a kick to your meals, adding a splash of rich red to your backyard.


Root vegetables

Root vegetables don’t need warm weather to thrive, so start planting onion, carrot and leek seeds and watch your garden transform over the coming months.

These all make delicious vegetables to use in stews and soups, so if the weather does stay wintery, at least you can make a warm hearty meal out of them!


Salad crops

If you like your salads, why not try growing cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers this month? These traditionally thrive in Mediterranean climates, but you can start them off in a small green house and transfer outside when the weather warms up.

A strong crop takes about eight to ten weeks to grow, so start now and you’ll be enjoying delicious fresh salads when spring arrives.

It is also a good idea to begin growing greens such as lettuce soon as well, as these tend to disappear when the temperature gets too hot.

If you want to start growing different produce but don’t know how to go about it, consider hiring a landscaping expert in Lancashire to advise you on how to transform your garden.