With autumn beginning and winter not feeling too far off, you could be forgiven for thinking that this isn’t the best time to get out in your garden and start planting – but according to Alan Titchmarsh there’s plenty you can be doing even at this time of year.

Writing for the Express, the gardener revealed that onion and garlic are particularly good things to plant at this time of the year, as they can grow over the winter when other veg plants don’t survive.

Another reason to put the time in now to plant onion and garlic bulbs is because they’ll be ready to harvest “when fresh-season supplies are at their most expensive in the shops”, Mr Titchmarsh explained.

If you don’t have a dedicated vegetable patch in your garden at the moment, now could be the time to hire some help with gardening in Lancashire, so that you’re able to plant some of the onion and garlic varieties recommended by Alan Titchmarsh, as well as be ready for the busier planting season in the spring.

He also recommended giving your greenhouse a thorough clean and tidy before the winter sets in. Pulling weeds up from between paving in the floor, removing moss from the windows and packing everything away neatly is also advised.

As if those weren’t enough reasons, the Evening Standard recently highlighted a number of digestive herbs and their health benefits, pointing out that garlic, onions and shallots all have similar anti-microbial and probiotic properties, which is good for the health of the cardiovascular system.