We all know that the chances of stormy weather increase as we move into autumn and weather, but one organisation is predicting a particularly stormy few months for the UK.

According to AccuWeather, the final months of 2017 are likely to be the stormiest on record, with the meteorologists predicting that no fewer than seven named storms will hit the UK by Christmas.

Last year, we had three named storms in the UK before the festive season, and the year before there were five.

If AccuWeather is right, we could be in for some periods of heavy rain and strong winds – all of which can wreak havoc with our garden fences. So, now is the time to assess the state of your fences and to get some help with fencing in Lancashire if you don’t think you can fix them yourself.

Start by assessing the condition of your fence – look for any areas where the wood is rotting, or where the fence posts are loose. Fixing these problems when you first notice them can make a big difference.

If you can’t easily patch up damaged fence panels, you might need to invest in new ones. Loose fence posts can be a real problem in strong winds so make sure you shore these up now. You might be able to just add more concrete to strengthen the base, or you may need to refit the posts.

While you’re looking at your fencing, you should see if you can do anything to make it more hedgehog friendly. The Woodlands Animal Sanctuary recently appealed for homeowners to leave small holes under their fences to allow these animals to roam freely without having to cross roads.

Speaking to the Southport Visitor, the charity’s Sally McDerby explained that hedgehogs typically hibernate for ten days at a time, before emerging to eat more food and go back into hibernation. They can roam up to two miles in a night, which is why it’s important for them to be able to easily move between gardens.