When you’re looking for inspiration for landscaping your garden in Lancashire, while the internet may be good for researching, you can’t do better than getting out there and discovering what your neighbours have done with their green space. However, for us Lancashire dwellers, we’ve got a new standard to live up to, now that the gardens of Gresgarth Hall have had a starring turn on a Channel 5 programme this week.

Located just outside of Lancaster, Gresgarth Hall is the dwelling of former Chelsea Flower Show gold medallist Lady Arabella Lennox-Boyd and this week it was featured as a part of Great British Gardens, according to the Lancaster Guardian.

This episode of the show had a focus of where combinations of formal and natural planting meet, and Gresgarth Hall is a great example of this. The tour of the estate in Caton looked around the more formal garden rooms around the house, and then moved out to a wilder, more natural space, where Lady Arabella has planted over 6,000 trees and woven walking paths amongst them.

While this area may look more unkempt than the perfect formal gardens, it is in fact carefully tended to and meticulously designed, and the presenter draws attention to work that goes into creating a seemingly wild ‘scramble of roses’, all actually supported by a wire structure.

The programme visits the garden throughout the year and also gets the owners’ expertise on garden maintenance. If you want to catch up on this one, look out for Great British Gardens on Channel 5’s My5 player.