Homeowners want to believe that their dwelling – including their outdoor space – is safe and secure. However, recent figures have given Brits reason to take extra precautions when storing valuables in their gardens, as outside thefts have shot up recently.

SunLife’s analysis of figures from the Office for National Statistics found there were 595,000 thefts ‘outside a dwelling’ in 2018, which represents a 23 per cent rise on the previous year. This means there were 11,500 thefts every single week from gardens in the UK taking place last year.

Summer is a primetime for thieves to strike, thanks to more homeowners leaving expensive equipment, tools and toys on their lawns.

That is why Simon Stanney, general insurance director at SunLife, gave some useful tips on how to protect belongings and still enjoy your outdoor space this summer.

He reminded Brits to lock away tools, paddling pools, BBQs, bikes and so on at night, even if you plan to use them the next day. Tools, especially, should be secured, as robbers often use these to break into the main residence.

Mr Stanney recommended securing things to the ground where possible, including furniture, trampolines, water features, potted trees, bird tables, and playground equipment.

Installing security lights or putting gravel down can be good deterrents, as thieves do not want to attract attention as they approach the house.

He also suggested marking all valuables and making it clear they are labelled, so thieves are put off from stealing them.

“All these measures should be a good deterrent, but nothing can keep your home and garden completely safe, so it is imperative you make sure you have good, comprehensive cover in place,” Mr Stanney concluded.

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