Before you call in the landscaping experts in Lancashire, a garden isn’t always a great place to let the children roam – however, once you’ve created your perfect outside space with our help, it’s not only a great place for them to play, but also to get involved in your gardening and nurture a love of nature. If you need some tips to get your kids from behind their screens and out enjoying your garden space, have some great ideas for how to involve them in garden work.


Grow their own

Getting your little one a little plant of their own to look after is a great way to start imparting responsibilities. Something small and easy to care for like a marigold or a sunflower would be a great starter plant, and help them understand they need to be watered.


Food fun

Growing edibles gives a real sense of accomplishment for adults, let alone for children, and it’ll also help them to understand where their food comes from. Hopefully it might even help them have better feelings towards vegetables too! Peas, radishes, carrots, lettuce and strawberries are easy starters for this.


Crafty grows

Growing something like grass may not seem like the most fun thing to do, but this crafty idea should give plenty of entertainment. Take a picture of your child, print it out and stick it to an empty yoghurt pot. Plant some grass seeds in some soil in the pot, and when the grass grows, it’ll give them hair and guarantee a laugh!