As lovely as a flower garden looks and smells throughout the year, there’s nothing quite like setting yourself up with a little vegetable or herb garden, something that has a bit more use perhaps than just being very beautiful.

There’s an awful lot of satisfaction to be had in sitting down to a delicious supper of food that you’ve grown yourself, and it seems that there are many Brits out there who have woken up to this idea.

New research from Direct Line’s SELECT Premier Insurance has found that 40 per cent of us – an impressive 10.9 million households – are now growing their own produce, with herbs and fruit ever so slightly more popular than veggies.

While there may be a bit of an investment to make in getting your garden ready for growing your own fruit and veg, 54 per cent of those asked believe that this particular hobby can actually save you money in the long run, estimated to be £287 each year.

“Growing your own produce can be a healthy and enjoyable way of providing diverse nutrition for yourself and your family. Despite the temperamental UK weather, people across the UK have many options for what fruit, vegetables and herbs they can grow at home. The internet can be a great resource for recipes and inspiration,” gardening influencer and founder of HuwsNursery Huw Richards commented.

If you’re a beginner gardener, try to choose something simple to grow so you don’t get put off by lots of failures. Try your hand at lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and carrots, and see how you get on.

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