The summer of 2021 has certainly been a mixed bag, with one sizzling July heatwave and some other sunny periods, interspersed with a few storms and other wet weather.

What is inescapable, however, is the fact that only one sixth of it remains, with the nights already starting to draw in and the seasons clearly making themselves felt. Although August is a great time for harvesting berries and enjoying the summer holidays with younger family members, there is no doubt now is the time to start thinking about next year.

Some of that, of course, involves immediate seasonal tasks we have covered in previous blogs, such as planting, harvesting and getting the garden ready for the weather to turn.

However, now is also a good time to start planning some grander ideas that are not about tackling the priorities of the remainder of summer or forthcoming seasons, but longer-term ideas. If there is a time to start thinking about fitting new decking in Lancashire, it is now.

According to PriceYour Job, the optimal time to timber lay decking is between October and April. This is because the boards will dry out and not be subject to the expansion and contraction that can happen in summer, which could damage the boards.

It also noted that a good reason to lay the decking in winter is that it will all be ready for next summer, the time when you will be using it most.

The same applies to a number of other major changes. For instance, if you want to lay new turf, the Royal Horticultural Society has identified mid-autumn as the optimal time to do so to enable it to bed in. This is because winter poses technical difficulties due to frost and the possibility of snow cover, while laying it in the hotter months could leave it vulnerable to a very dry spell. 

So while you may not be carrying out these tasks immediately, by starting your planning and preparation now, you can have your 2022 gardening ideals in place before the work is done, ensuring you have something great to look forward to next year.