With summer just around the corner, homeowners will be desperately trying to make their garden look nice in time for the sunny weather to return again.

Taking your living space outdoors has become really popular in the UK, allowing Brits to enjoy the sunshine when it does arrive and be able to sit and unwind in their garden. That is why many people choose to add some decking to their outdoor space.

Here are just a few reasons why decking might be the best option for you:


– Easy to construct

A major advantage of decking over patios is that it is easier to fit. Many households struggle to have a patio laid down if their outdoor ground is uneven or on a slope. However, this is not a problem with decking, as you can level out the awkward ground before laying down the wooden slats.

What’s more, if you have a steep slope, you could opt to have steps added to your decking so it is laid down on split levels. This looks great and helps to separate the dining area with the rest of the outdoor space.



Not every house will suit a decked out garden; for instance, if you own a 19th Century cottage in the middle of the country, wooden decking might look out of place in your backyard.

However, those with more modern properties can definitely get away with installing decking, as a wooden feature not only complements contemporary designs but also adds a warm, natural element to the space.

Fans of minimalist looks also love decking for its clear-cut lines and clean style. Add rattan garden furniture and a few cushions, and you are able to create a comfortable, modern living area in your outdoor space.

For help with decking in Lancashire, get in touch with our specialists who can transform your garden in no time.