Before you have your turfing in Lancashire sorted out, why don’t you stop and think about whether or not a pollinator garden is the right one for you? You should always come up with a few designs for your outdoor spaces before you start work or hire a contractor – and pollinator gardens can do an awful lot of good at the same time as looking incredibly beautiful.

Quite simply, a pollinator garden is just one that has been planted with pollinating insects in mind, so flowers that provide good sources of nectar and pollen are favoured.

Of course, there are a few rules of green thumb that you need to follow in order for your garden to be a success but you’ll be pleased to hear it’s not too complicated – and even the least experienced of gardeners can achieve it with ease.

You should make sure you include a variety of different flower types, sizes and shapes, and plant your garden somewhere sunny to encourage insect life. You’ll also need to provide a bit of shelter from the wind so the bugs have somewhere to hide for a bit of respite. And also make sure you avoid using pesticides in your outdoor areas as this will soon have the opposite effect to the one you’re looking for!

The good news is that pollinator gardens can be any size whatsoever! The entire length of your lawn, if you so desire, or simply just a few planters on your balcony if you live in the city and have limited space. Have a read of this article from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies on urban gardens and how they can rebuild declining bee populations for further inspiration and ideas.