With the fall of Autumn leaves well and truly underway, there is a race against time for many gardeners to give their gardens the best chance of survival over the winter months and get a head start over summer.

Whilst the big tasks are undertaken at the end of October and very early November, there are still some tasks that can be started now to get your garden ready to shine next spring.

Clear Up Weeds, Rotten And Older Plants

Autumn is around the time even your late-blooming plants will stop flowering and bearing fruit. As a result, it is time to start pruning away, pulling up or otherwise removing unsightly older plants and weeds from your garden.

This is not just a matter of aesthetics but also to help your garden’s health; insects lay eggs in the plant’s leaves and stalks, which can become an annoying infestation around springtime.

As well as this, older plants help with composting and mulching efforts.

Now is also the time to take out those annoying weeds, as they will keep disrupting your garden until they are removed and either binned or burned.

Amend And Mulch Soil

Whilst this is commonly undertaken in Spring, Autumn is actually an ideal time to start composting and adding nutrients to your garden, especially if you have been cultivating your mulch.

This gives them time to break down, become biologically active and gives you a head start with spring arrives, especially if you use a mulch to cover your lawn and stop winter storms from washing away the new nutrients.

Clean And Sharpen Tools

With the gardening season starting to wind down, there is no better time to give your tools a deep clean and oil to help keep them working brilliantly for longer.

Wash away the dirt and debris, before removing rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. Use a basic file to sharpen your shovels, hoes and tilling tools, before finally rubbing the surface of all your tools with a cloth covered in a light machine oil to stop oxidation.

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