Beautiful gardens are lovely to have, but unfortunately they take a lot of work to achieve. Not everyone has enough spare hours in the week to devote to their garden, but it is still possible to have a well-maintained outdoor space that’s a pleasure to use. Here are a few tips to enjoy your garden, and keep those chores to a minimum.

Add mulch to beds and borders

By putting down a thick layer of mulch, such as bark or shredded leaves, you will supress weed growth, and also help the soil to retain moisture, which will cut down on watering and weeding time. An alternative to mulch is anti-weed matting, which might be a better option for larger borders which are prone to prolific weeds.

Choose perennials and shrubs

By choosing hardy plants which thrive year after year, you will save the need for replanting and dividing bulbs. Native perennials are good for the environment too, as they attract pollinators and insects to the garden and encourage biodiversity. Evergreen shrubs will keep your garden looking green and attractive through the drab winter months.

Consider artificial grass

There are different types of artificial grass, which can be chosen according to your need. For example, some are designed to be ornamental, while others can withstand heavy foot traffic. They are available in realistic blends of green and brown shades, and are designed to allow for drainage, so you don’t have to worry about puddling.

All you need to do is rake up the leaves now and then, saving you hours of mowing time, and avoiding all those pesky problems of moss, dandelions, bare patches, and irrigation. You will also never need to use environmentally unfriendly products such as pesticides and fertiliser to keep your lawn looking good.

Add paved areas

Paved areas for driveways and patios create useful spaces, and look far more attractive than weedy gravel or tired patches of turf. There are hundreds of stunning patio and driveway designs and materials to choose from. Natural stone will last a lifetime, and looks beautiful in any garden.

You could also take the opportunity to landscape your garden, to create different levels. This adds interest, and allows you to divide the garden into low maintenance zones, with seating areas, raised beds, and borders planted with shrubs, grasses, and groundcover plants.

Create a meadow lawn

If you really don’t want to get rid of your lawn, but don’t enjoy the hassle of mowing and maintaining it either, you could get on board with the trend for creating a wildflower meadow in the back garden. Initiatives such as No-Mow May are encouraging more people to sit back and watch the daisies grow.

This allows nature to take its course, and provides a home to insects, birds and small mammals. It is also giving rarer garden species such as saxifrage and knotted clover a chance to thrive.

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