If you want to revamp your outdoor space over the coming months, there are a number of trends it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Herald Scotland recently highlighted some of the most popular ways in which we’re going to be updating our gardens in the coming months. Remember that you don’t have to do this alone. If you need to, get help with groundworks in Lancashire if you’ve got a larger project in mind.

This could be particularly relevant given that a recent survey found that over half of Brits admit that their gardening skills aren’t up to scratch.

So, what are the top trends for our outdoor spaces this summer? Perhaps unsurprisingly, creating a haven for wildlife is at the top of the list.

This can include everything from leaving one area of your garden untended to provide a haven for all kinds of wildlife, to planting native wildflowers to attract bees and butterflies, or introducing insect houses and hedgehog shelters to our gardens.

Also on the list is gardening for wellbeing. This can include creating sensory outdoor spaces that stimulate all our senses. For instance, roses produce a fabulous scent, while it’s becoming more popular to plant an area of ornamental grasses that make a wonderful sound when the wind rustles through them.

Grow your own is another big trend and one you may want to incorporate into your garden. The best place to start is by growing some herbs, and then you can expand to veg and fruit if you feel that your horticultural skills are up to the challenge.